Is Bayland Digital HIPAA compliant?

Yes. Bayland Digital strictly adheres to HIPAA’s stringent privacy policies. Read more about our HIPAA compliance.

What does it cost to digitize x-rays?

Customers have no out-of-pocket expense for our services.

Is there a fee for picking up my x-rays?

This is dependent on volume, however we might be able to provide free, nationwide pick-up.

How do I schedule a pick-up?

Please call 1-800-801-8432 ext. 2. We coordinate all transportation logistics.

How long does it take from the time of a request for a truck to arrive for pick-up?

In most cases our truck will arrive at your facility in one to three days of your initial call.

Do I need to separate my x-ray films from their paper jackets?

No. At our facility, x-rays and associated papers are separated for digitizing.

What happens to the paper patient records contained in the x-ray jackets?

Paper is separated from film at the digitizing plant. Afterwards, it is shredded to comply with HIPAA standards for patient privacy.

At what point in the digitizing process does Bayland Digital assume liability for my files?

From the moment our secure truck pulls away from your facility, Bayland Digital assumes all liability associated with your x-rays.

What documentation do you provide my company after our films are recycled?

Customers receive a settlement report, as well as HIPAA-compliant destruction documentation.

Am I able to obtain multiple copies of my scanned images?

Yes. We are able to stream the scanned images into your PACS server or multiple destinations as soon as they are digitized through a secure VPN connection.

How do you ensure quality of scans?

Bayland Digital is committed to providing you with highest possible quality of digitizing services using only FDA-approved VIDAR medical film digitizers.

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